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Living in harmony within your community is an important part of your housing journey after halls. In Liverpool we have a number of areas where students will live within an established community, alongside long-term residents. Building and maintaining a strong cohesive link between students moving into a local community continues to be a priority for our stakeholder universities, so a new role has been created within LSH.




LSH has a new Off-Campus Student Support Co-Ordinator, who is responsible for developing clear strategies to enhance the relationships between students and the local community, working across a multi-agency platform including students' unions, universities, local resident groups and councillors. The co-ordinator is a point of contact for emerging issues that arise within the community and works holistically to foster greater community cohesion, through maintaining an open dialogue with stakeholder groups.


The introduction of this post opens up a new and exciting chapter that will continue to explore and build on opportunities for wider engagement and creative initiatives, which will be publicised on this page.




When you move into a new home, there are lots of things to think about and remember to do, including being a considerate neighbour and getting along with those living around you. Take a look at this video for tips on joining a community.






We want all students to be happy in their choice of private accommodation and feel welcomed in their local community. We produce a handy Community Guide annually in collaboration with Liverpool Guild, JMSU and HopeSU, which gives lots of information about the local area, settling in and keeping safe.


This year, our guide also incorporates key messages, guidelines and precautions relating to COVID, including how to protect your household and community.


Please find the most recent community guide below that you can click to view full screen






To find out about Liverpool and the surrounding areas visit the official tourism website



This website is also useful for finding hotels and guest-houses in Liverpool, should you need to book short-term accommodation, while looking for more permanent student accommodation.





LSH works in partnership with Liverpool City Council and we also support current public health awareness campaigns and distribute information about recycling and household waste.


Download Liverpool City Council Tenancy Advice booklet





Citysafe is Liverpool's community safety partnership. Citysafe work with partners to build safer communities and reduce crime and the fear of crime in our communities.


Our current student burglary reduction campaigns focus on the following areas:

  • Now Lock The Door!
  • Now Secure The Window!
  • No To Let Boards
  • Tailgating




Message from Merseyside Police


We welcome all students to the local area and hope that you have a safe an enjoyable time. Liverpool is one of the safest cities in the country. Sadly, becoming a victim of crime could ruin your experience of the city. Please take care to look after your property and your housemates by taking the simple steps as outlined.


Your local neighbourhood Police team is here to help and support you, however if issues arise from your property we will deal with these through the Liverpool Anti Social Behaviour Unit and your University.


Finally can I ask that you consider your security and ask the question “If I was a thief, how easy would it be to get into my house?”


* Don't leave valuables on display


* Upon entering your home, lock the door behind you


* Lock all doors and windows when you go out


* When out, pay attention to your surroundings, travel together in the evening and use well lit paths


* Love your phone. Log it. Register your electronic property free of charge at This website helps Police to identify the owners of lost & stolen property. Merseyside Police urges you to register all your electronic property on this website


Finally, you are joining a well-established community, please respect your neighbours and do not cause annoyance to other people by leaving rubbish outside your property or causing anti-social behaviour


Contact your dedicated Police Officer:


To find your dedicated local Police Officer for your local area, visit or call 101





      Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas engineers who are qualified to

      work safely and legally on gas appliances.



Landlords must arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out a gas safety check on gas appliances every 12 months and provide you with a copy of the landlord’s gas safety record.


To advertise with LSH, all landlords must supply a current gas safety certificate for every property.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - The Silent Killer - view the movie

Badly fitted and poorly serviced appliances can cause gas leaks, fires, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas which can kill quickly with no warning.


Know the 6 main signs and symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning - don't mistake the symptoms for a hangover.



If you think a gas appliance is faulty turn it off and let your landlord know immediately. In an emergency call the gas emergency helpline on 0800 111 999.

If you feel unwell, seek medical help immediately.



The Homeshare service is run by KHT Homeshare, a local organisation based in Prescot. The scheme matches householders who are 55+ years of age who have a spare bedroom, with young people who need accommodation and are aged between 16-25 years. The service runs in a similar way to a befriending service, to create a mutual beneficial relationship between the householder and the homesharer. 






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