Resident landlord/homestay



When landlords choose to rent out rooms within the property where they reside, this is known as a 'Homestay'. It is typically viewed as a home away from home for students living away for the first time or international students looking to stay with a host to improve their language skills and learn more about British culture.


Homestay tend to offer more flexible terms, for example, shorter contracts and meals included. This will depend on what the landlord is willing to offer and the requirements of the student.


It is also good practice for homestay providers to be DBS checked.


If you would like more information on becoming a Homestay provider please contact us.


Download a factsheet about taking in a lodger and your obligations.



Homestay providers and the LSH Standards



The LSH Standards contain a number of common sense undertakings to enable Homestay providers and their guests to agree to do business together. These undertakings are designed to be achievable by both owners and guests without significant expenditure of time and money and without prejudice to their legal rights.


Please read our LSH Standards for Homestay providers carefully to decide whether you are able to give your full commitment. If you feel that as a Homestay provider you comply with all the clauses of the LSH Standards, then you may submit an aplication for accreditation for your property.


Sanctions will be taken against Homestay providers who sign up to the LSH Standards and are found to be in breach of its clauses. The publication contains the details of the sanctions and how breaches of the code are reported.


Section 4 of this publication sets out the responsibilities that might be expected from your guests. You should be aware that the LSH Standards is not signed by guests.