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The official university service for private accommodation
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LSH has consistently recommended to all students that you should not sign a tenancy agreement until you have viewed a property and that advice would not change in light of current circumstances. Although government guidelines currently permit physical property viewings, LSH strongly urges students to only consider viewing a property if it is safe to do so, and you must follow guidelines and safety procedures put in place by the government and also the landlord or letting agent. LSH recently contacted currently accredited landlords and agents to provide some best practice guidelines on carrying out viewings during the pandemic, and you can view this here


Where possible, it would be advisable to do virtual viewings. For more details on viewing properties during the pandemic, and to download a property checklist, click here.


However, if you have decided to actively search for accommodation for the next academic year but are concerned about committing to a tenancy agreement in these uncertain times then LSH have created an additional search tool on our website to assist you.


The easiest way to view all properties where the landlord is offering a 'Coronavirus Amendment Policy' is to click on the button within the property search box titled 'COVID Flexible Tenancies' (see below). Please note, clicking this button will show you a list of all properties with an amendment policy, regardless of property size, rent level etc.



Alternatively, you can carry out your search as normal and select your criteria, but when the search results are displayed, under 'Filters' on the right hand side of the page click on 'Coronavirus Amendment Policy' (see below). This will then show you a list of all properties that meet your criteria where flexible terms are being offered.



On the search results page, at the top of each property advert click on the 'Coronavirus Amendment Policy' banner to disclose what that landlord is offering. A popup box will then appear showing the flexible terms being offered for that property (see below).




If a landlord or agent is not listed as offering a 'Coronavirus Amendment Policy' then you can still request they insert a break clause or a commencement delay in the event that lockdown is still in place or if your university is still not offering face to face teaching or your course start date is delayed.




Take a look at this guidance from which gives an outline of things to consider before you rent a property. Your landlord or agent must also supply you with this information booklet or a link to it, on how to rent.




It might be easy to think of loads of uni friends to share a house with, but you don’t really know people until you live with them! Take a bit of time to think about the following as you have to live with each other for a whole year and once you have signed a contract it isn’t easy to walk away:


    *  Do they have a similar idea of where they want to live and the same expectations such as

       how much to spend on rent?

    *  Are they organised with money?

    *  Are they a night owl or an early bird?

    *  Are their course study hours drastically different to your own?

    *  Are they super tidy or super messy and does this fit with you?


There will always be the odd argument when living with others. When you first move in have a chat and agree some ground rules. This way everyone gets their say and knows what’s expected.




If it's the first time you have thought about renting private accommodation, it might be quite daunting to know where to start! The chart below outlines the typical renting process up to agreeing a moving in date with the landlord.

If you need help with at any stage please contact us or pop into the office.




We have also produced the following handy video to show you how to use the LSH website to search for a property


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