Burglary reduction campaigns



We work closely with our partner organisations to help raise awareness of important, relevant issues that can impact on students and private student accommodation providers. As part of our ongoing commitment to student safety in accredited properties, we continue to promote our burglary reduction campaigns which all incorporate our key safety messages and aim to raise awareness amongst students.

We distribute campaign materials to students in our office and at events we attend, as well as through messages we share on our social media platforms.


See below for an overview of our current campaigns.



Now Lock The Door!



Look out for our door stickers and key rings reminding students to use their keys to lock UPVC doors properly.


Top tips for keeping your home secure:

  • Lock all external doors even when you are at home. When you go out close all windows 
  • If any locks are faulty, speak to your landlord to get them fixed
  • Be careful who you let into the communal areas and don't let people follow you into the property if you don't know who they are
  • Don't leave your valuables on show
  • Don't leave the packaging from expensive goods you have bought outside next to your bin, instead take it to a recycling bin or to the tip
  • If there is access at the back of the property, always make sure that gates are locked and fences are secure
  • Leaving for the holidays? Take your valuables with you or arrange to leave them with friends or family until you return

Register your valuables on www.immobilise.com, where you can record all of the serial numbers of your goods. If they are stolen the Police will work with second hand stores to try and retrieve your belongings.


LSH provides accredited accommodation providers with stickers which can be placed on internal doors and windows. The intention of the stickers is to provide a permanent reminder to tenants to keep windows and doors secured. Leaflets and key fobs are also available for students, and we distribute these at events we attend throughout the year.



Now Secure The Window!



Don't invite unwanted guests into your home by leaving your windows unsecured. Thieves operate day and night.


Opening the windows to ventilate your home is important to prevent mould and damp. Secure your UPVC window by only opening to the first stage locking point. If you leave the room or the house, secure fully by locking the window with the key.


Speak to your accommodation provider if you are unsure about how to use the first stage locking point, or if keys are missing.


As part of the LSH terms of accreditation, accommodation providers should ensure that all ground floor windows should be fitted with window restrictors, with the exception of escape windows or where the Local Authority or Fire Authority have determined they should not be fitted.






Who is following you into the building? Tailgating into buildings has been a historic issue and LSH work closely with accredited private halls to raise awareness amongst the student community of this problem. If you don't know the person who is walking in behind you, then don't hold the door open for them or give them an easy way in!


This is an issue all year round, but particularly during busy moving in and moving out periods, including freshers, where students will have lots of valuables on show. Look out for the tailgating posters and leaflets which should be on display around your LSH registered halls of residence.


If you suspect any intruders then you should report them immediately to a member of the on-site halls staff or by calling the emergency number for your building.



No 'To Let' Signs


In partnership with Merseyside Police and CitySafe, we make recommendation to all LSH accredited providers that they do not display 'To Let' signs outside of their student properties. Not only are they an eyesore and negatively affect the appearance of the local area but they can also help opportunistic burglars to identify rented homes, which potentially contain a lot of valuables.


For properties where the accommodation provider has guaranteed NOT to use 'To Let' signs, the property advert will include the No To Let Signs Guaranteed stamp mark, shown below.