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Student Accommodation Statistics

These statistics relate to student accommodation in Liverpool and the surrounding area that has been advertised on Studentpad

Statistics Overview

Total Properties:


Total Active Adverts:


Total Rooms:


Rooms Available:


Note: Statistics below are based on total adverts and are taken once daily. [Last Update: 21/11/2019 @ 0:43:58].

Area Statistics
Last Update: 21/11/2019 @ 0:43:58

Per Person Per WeekPer Person Per Month
L1 - City Centre£75.00£128.11£430.00£325.00£555.51£1,863.3373
L13 - Old Swan£75.00£75.00£75.00£325.00£325.00£325.001
L15 - Picton£90.00£90.00£90.00£390.00£390.00£390.001
L15 - Smithdown/Wavertree£55.00£93.74£139.85£238.33£406.61£606.00208
L16 - Childwall£75.00£85.00£90.00£325.00£368.33£390.002
L17 - Aigburth£58.00£74.70£104.00£250.00£323.17£450.005
L17 - Sefton Park£95.00£95.00£95.00£412.00£412.00£412.001
L18 - Mossley Hill/Allerton£85.00£89.18£100.00£368.33£386.45£433.3311
L2 - City Centre£109.00£165.58£226.00£472.33£717.58£980.003
L3 - City Centre£83.00£130.45£215.00£360.00£565.30£931.6748
L5 - Breckfield£115.00£130.00£145.00£498.33£563.33£628.331
L6 - Fairfield£86.67£86.67£86.67£375.57£375.57£375.571
L6 - Kensington£65.00£85.51£105.00£281.66£368.65£455.0029
L6 - Tuebrook£88.85£89.14£90.00£385.00£386.25£390.004
L7 - Edge Hill£63.00£99.47£225.00£273.00£431.09£975.0019
L7 - Kensington£60.00£86.89£110.00£260.00£376.41£477.00179
L8 - Georgian Quarter£69.50£100.93£159.00£301.17£437.36£689.007
L8 - Toxteth£57.69£97.81£208.00£250.00£423.84£901.3317
Average Price Including Utilities*
Last Update: 21/11/2019 @ 0:43:58
AreaPer Person Per WeekPer Person Per MonthAdverts
L1 - City Centre£129.11£559.8671
L13 - Old Swan£75.00£325.001
L15 - Picton£90.00£390.001
L15 - Smithdown/Wavertree£94.05£407.96202
L16 - Childwall£85.00£368.332
L17 - Aigburth£74.70£323.175
L17 - Sefton Park£95.00£412.001
L18 - Mossley Hill/Allerton£89.18£386.4511
L2 - City Centre£165.58£717.583
L3 - City Centre£130.45£565.3048
L5 - Breckfield£130.00£563.331
L6 - Fairfield£86.67£375.571
L6 - Kensington£85.34£367.8828
L6 - Tuebrook£89.14£386.254
L7 - Edge Hill£99.47£431.0919
L7 - Kensington£86.89£376.41179
L8 - Georgian Quarter£100.93£437.367
L8 - Toxteth£97.98£424.5816
Average Price Excluding Utilities*
Last Update: 21/11/2019 @ 0:43:58
AreaPer Person Per WeekPer Person Per MonthAdverts
L1 - City Centre£92.54£401.002
L15 - Smithdown/Wavertree£83.33£361.116
L6 - Kensington£90.00£390.001
L8 - Toxteth£95.00£412.001

* Included utilities are gas, electricity and water only.

Liverpool Student Homes, 5 Oxford St, Liverpool, L7 7HL
Tel Main: 0151 794 3296, Email: lsh@liverpool.ac.uk

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