The LSH Message Board is a free service for students to meet and chat with other students who want to live together in the Liverpool area. Use the message board to find available rooms, housemates or to let students know if there is a room available in your student house.

The LSH message board is moderated to verify posts to only advertise spare rooms in accommodation accredited by LSH. Messages will be approved where the property is accredited for the period of your tenancy. Messages posted for properties and landlords that are not accredited by LSH cannot be displayed on this platform. Please note, LSH cannot verify or guarantee the accreditation status for property details that may be sent to you directly via 3rd party websites (including social media platforms), and therefore this is at your own risk.

Landlords/owners/agents are not permitted to post on the message board and should seek further guidance on the accreditation process by clicking on the relevant section within the accommodation provider area in the main menu.

Please see how LSH uses your personal information gathered on this message board. Click here Agent/Landlord page.

Please note: In using the message board you are bound by the Terms & Conditions.

Liverpool Student Homes Message Board

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