LSH Standards accreditation



What is accreditation?


Accreditation means being officially recognised, accepted or approved of. Achieving accreditation demonstrates that a criteria has been met and can give reassurance.



How does accreditation apply to student accommodation?


Landlords, agents and private halls can choose to voluntarily sign up to an accreditation scheme. In doing so they are making a commitment to meeting the requirements of the scheme.


Liverpool Student homes operates the only accreditation scheme for private student accommodation in Liverpool, called the LSH Standards. Below are the documents, which detail all of the requirements that accommodation providers must meet to become accredited and advertise their properties on the LSH website.



LSH Standards for landlords and letting agents - full document

LSH Standards for private halls - full document


Students - click for more information about the benefits of accreditation, including our handy LSH Standards, information for students factsheet.




What students can expect from an accredited accommodation provider


Ensuring the property is safe

  • Provides gas and electrical safety certificates for each property and ensures that these are renewed when required.
  • Provides fire/smoke alarms and equipment.
  • Has carbon monoxide monitors, where there is gas in the property.
  • Has suitable security measures in place.

Legal and correct business practices

  • Carrying out responsibilities detailed on the tenancy agreement.
  • Running their business in the correct way.
  • Doing what is required by law.

Good standard of customer service

  • Arranging repairs within a reasonable timescale.
  • Being courteous and respectful to their tenants.



Accommodation provider - considering becoming accredited?


If you are a landlord, agent or private hall manager and you are considering becoming LSH accredited, please read the relevant LSH Standards documents above to make sure you are able to comply with our requirements. Also, please view the accommodation provider section within the main menu and read the information that is relevant to you, based on what type of accommodation provider you are.