Getting your deposit back


At the end of your tenancy your accommodation provider will inform the scheme that is protecting your tenancy deposit that the tenancy has come to an end and how much deposit they think should be returned to you. You will then have a choice whether to accept this or to dispute it through the deposit scheme.



What can my accommodation provider claim for out of my deposit?


A proportion of your deposit (or the full amount) can be retained to pay for rent arrears or damage to the property which occurred during the tenancy. You should check your tenancy agreement carefully to ensure that you understand what maintenance you are responsible for during your stay and what your provider is responsible for.



How long should it take to get my deposit back?


If you and your provider agree on the amount that will be returned, then you should get the deposit back within 10 days of agreement. If however, you are in a dispute with your accommodation provider over the amount of deposit to be returned, then it will be protected in the deposit scheme until the issue is resolved.



What if I disagree with the amount of deposit that the provider wants to return to me?


If there is a dispute between you and the accommodation provider as to how much deposit should be returned, then you can use the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) process operated by your tenancy deposit protection scheme. Please note, you must start the dispute procedure within the time frame stipulated by the deposit scheme (normally within 3 months from the end of the tenancy).


They will look at the evidence provided by the tenants and accommodation provider and then make a final decision on how much deposit is to be repaid to you. If you or your provider do not agree to use the ADR process then the dispute must usually be resolved by the county court. In the case of a dispute, the deposit will be returned within 10 days of the scheme being notified of the ADR or county court's decision.



Need further support on deposits? Please contact our Housing Advice Service.