Recycling and waste


Managing waste effectively is key to looking after our city. Bins need to be put out at the right time and in the correct place, and stored away between collections so they don't get lost or stolen. Rubbish can also attract rats and other vermin, so it’s important to dispose of rubbish in the correct way. If you live in an area with alleyways, your accommodation provider should supply you with a key so that you have access.



When is my collection day?


For information on your collection day, go to the city council website and type in your postcode on the bin collection dates page.


On your collection day, you should leave your bins on the kerbside with handles facing towards the road. If you live in a terraced house, please place your bins in the nearest end of the passage or alley.


All recycling bags must be placed on the pavement by the front door.



What bins you should have?


There are several ways in which you can dispose of your waste and recycling and this is dependent on where you live in Liverpool.


If you live in a wheelie bin area - your landlord should supply you with a BLUE recycling bin(s) and PURPLE household waste bin(s), as well as a GREEN garden waste bin where applicable.


If you live in a ‘bag area’ (where you put your household waste in the alleyway) - you should be supplied with a recycling bag, which should be placed on the pavement outside your front door.

If you live in halls or an apartment block, then you should dispose of waste and recycling in the bins provided in the communal bin area.




What to do if you don't have a bin?


If you are entitled to a purple bin but do not have one, then you need to contact your accommodation provider as it is their responsibility to provide you with one.

If you don’t have a blue recycling wheelie bin or bag (or green garden waste bin where applicable) then simply visit this page to apply online, or contact the council by phone on 0151 233 3001.



Communal bins


If your area has communal bins, please see these tips from Liverpool City Council.




What items go in each bin?


BLUE - glass (leave lids on glass jars and bottles), cans (don't crush), paper, magazines, newspapers, junk mail, catalogues, envelopes, egg cartons, cereal and food boxes, toilet or kitchen roll inner cardboard, plastic drinks (leave lids on and don't crush), or shampoo bottles. Please do not put in plastic bags, bubble wrap or cling film.

PURPLE - household and food waste, and items which cannot be recycled. Please do not put in electrical items.


GREEN -  grass cuttings, hedge clippings, dead plants, bark, leaves, small twigs and branches. Please do not put in soil, timber, stone or concrete.


If you are unsure about what goes in which bin please visit this section of the Liverpool City Council Website.



Recycling and having a clear out


Leave Liverpool Tidy

Leave Liverpool Tidy is a reduce, reuse, recycle student led volunteering project which aims to limit the amount of reusable items going to landfill during the summer months when students move out of their accommodation. It also presents a great opportunity for you to volunteer and get involved in a really productive campaign. For more information on the Leave Liverpool Tidy campaign in your area, email or call 0151 794 6868.

Liverpool City Council bulky item collection

You can request collection of up to five bulky items per individual property, up to five small electrical items and up to five bags of textiles - clothes, belts, shoes, handbags - per collection. Book a collection.


Visit the following recycling and waste page for information on how to find your local recycling centre and what items each centre accepts.

At the end of your tenancy, if you don’t choose to recycle your unwanted items then you must take them with you. The last thing you want is to incur charges from your accommodation provider to remove/dispose of any personal items that you leave behind.