Why I chose to live in the city centre


I’m Elliot and I have lived in the city centre for the past three years. I first moved out of halls and lived on Mount Pleasant; I found Mount Pleasant a very enjoyable area to live in. It was lively, close to town and university and a safe place to be. I lived in a two bedroom apartment which unfortunately did not come with bills included however after making the effort in turning everything off when it wasn’t being used we managed to keep bills very low and didn’t find it too difficult to pay for them. Parking was included which was a massive help as getting a parking space in the city centre is expensive and hard to come by.


I then lived on South Maryland Street, the location was great it was close to all the library and university buildings, near enough to town and close enough to Byrom Street that getting to lectures on time didn’t mean an early start. However for a city centre location you do pay a bit more therefore the standard of the accommodation didn’t necessarily mirror the price. Parking again was an issue due to their only being on street parking. Throughout the city centre there are shopping facilities for day to day food or the large Tesco at the bottom of Seel Street should you want to do a massive shop. Transport links are also great as you’re close to all the major bus routes up to I.M Marsh and Smithdown and close to Lime Street and Central Station.


In my last year I moved towards Byrom Street to be closer to university and the library. I found living down near Byrom Street to be great in relation to studies however a bit further out of town should I need to pop to the shops. There was also no large supermarket nearby which made doing large shops more difficult. Transport links were less accessible but still within walking distance. It was ideal for studying as the area was quieter being further away from town. The price of the accommodation was also cheaper allowing for money to be spent elsewhere.


Although many students choose to move out of town after their first year of uni I found that living in town was much easier when travelling to lectures and visiting the library and much more appealing from a socil aspect as everything was on my doorstep.