Finding housemates



If you haven’t found your housemate group and you want to live with other students, don’t worry or feel pressured to join a group with people you don’t know that well. Give yourself plenty of time to find others who you really gel with, before making the decision to live with them 24/7. The COVID pandemic has also had an impact on the social side of student life, so it's not surprising that you may not have had all the usual opportunities to make friends.


Liverpool has a surplus of accommodation, which is great news for you, there will always be properties available no matter when you decide to start your search, so one less thing to stress about too. You can compare prices and locations right across the city to make sure you’re getting the best deal for you.


At LSH we can support you in looking for properties and finding housemates.




Find a housemate meet-ups


During the coronavirus pandemic the find a housemate meet-ups are being held virtually via Zoom, please email us for the meeting details


You can join the meeting to chat with other students and leave your details for others to contact you. You may want to try to form a group or find a room in an LSH accredited property. Also, if you are trying to leave a tenancy and need to find another student to replace you in your contract, you can join the meeting to advertise your room. Please note only rooms that are in LSH accredited properties can be advertised, so if you're unsure please contact us prior to the events to check. 


If you can't make the dates below, follow us on social media for details of other meet-ups coming up. These are student only events.


Our next virtual meet-up is on Tuesday 26 October, 12-1pm.



Student message board


The online LSH message board is a great way to get in touch with others who are looking to form a group or to find rooms. The message board is split into several threads, including areas of Liverpool, find a housemate and accommodation available/wanted. You can post messages to other students and it’s free to use.


Please note only rooms that are in LSH accredited properties can be advertised, and when submitting your message you will be asked to provide the property address, as well as the details of the landlord or letting agent that manages the property so that we can verify the accommodation provider is LSH accredited.



Searching for individual rooms on the LSH website


If you don’t mind who you share with, you can choose to search for individual rooms in shared properties on the Accommodation Search page. There are lots of different types and sizes of properties available and it’s a way of finding a shared property without having to form a group first.