How to rent private student accommodation



Renting a property in England 


Before renting a property, you should take a look at the governments How to rent: checklist for renting in England guidance. This comprehensive guide gives an outline of what you need to consider before you rent a property. Your landlord or agent must also supply you with this information booklet or a link to it.



Choosing who to live with


It might be easy to think of loads of uni friends to share a house with, but you don’t really know people until you live with them! Take a bit of time to think about the following as you have to live with each other for a whole year and once you have signed a contract it isn’t easy to walk away:


  • Do they have a similar idea of where they want to live and the same expectations such as how much to spend on rent?
  • Are they organised with money?
  • Are they a night owl or an early bird?
  • Are their course study hours drastically different to your own?
  • Are they super tidy or super messy and does this fit with you?

There will always be the occasional disagreement when living with others. When you first move in have a chat and agree some ground rules. This way everyone gets their say and knows what’s expected.


Starting your search

If it's the first time you have thought about renting private accommodation, it might be quite daunting to know where to start! By choosing to search for accommodation with LSH, you have the reassurance that the properties advertised are accredited and support is available to you throughout your time at university. 


Go to the accommodation search


Here you can use the property search to select the criteria for the type of accommodation you are looking for. If you aren't sure, have a think about where in Liverpool that you would like to live, how much you can afford to pay on rent and you may want to research the types of accommodation on offer. There are lots of ways to narrow your search by using the filters at the top of the search results page. If you have a specific area in mind you can select postcode areas or use the draw a search feature which appears on a map.



More information

Tenancy agreements or contracts



Where to live in Liverpool

Types of accommodation

When to start looking

Viewing properties