LSH Privacy Policy





The processing of your data is necessary for the purposes of registering and advertising accommodation through Liverpool Student Homes (LSH). This privacy statement outlines what this means in practice and explains how Liverpool Student Homes collects, stores, manages and protects your data.



Who we are and what we do


Liverpool Student Homes (LSH) acting on behalf of University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University provide a service to support and advise students studying in our stakeholder universities. Most of our services do not require any form of registration allowing you to visit our site without telling us who you are. However, some services may require you to provide us with Personal Data. In these situations, if you choose to withhold any Personal Data requested by us, it may not be possible for us to fulfil the request you have made or answer your query.



Accommodation providers


We offer providers of student accommodation the opportunity to advertise for a fee via the LSH website portal, following compliance with the requirements stipulated in the LSH Standards.  We will inspect newly registered accommodation to determine whether a dwelling meets the requirements and make suitable recommendations in order to achieve the standards.  You agree for the information submitted regarding advertised accommodation to be displayed on the LSH website.



Student client


We offer students advice and support in relation to housing issues in registered and non-registered accommodation. Students can use the service to advertise registered vacant rooms via the student message board and during ‘Find a House Mate’ events. Student wishing to obtain detailed support through the advice service are required to provide Personal Data in order to proceed with this service.



What we use your data for


Accommodation providers: The data we collect will reflect the information you have provided to LSH as part of the registration process and consent to use the data to advertise and to correspond with LSH. This will include:


  • Contact name
  • Contact Telephone number for public and office use
  • Email address
  • Correspondence address

Student client: The data we collect will be provided from students seeking advice and support through the LSH service. This will include:


  • Contact name
  • Contact Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Correspondence address
  • Information about you – gender/ethnicity, DOB, place of study

How is your information used?


Accommodation providers: We will use your information that you have provided to fulfil the contract you have entered to advertise your accommodation. We will use your information as follows:


  • To communicate via email, telephone or post with you with regards to your registration with LSH
  • To communicate via email, telephone or post with you in respect of complaints raised by students using the service
  • To communicate via email, telephone or post with you with regards to changes which may directly impact your registration
  • To communicate via email, telephone or post with you with regards to potential events and training opportunities

Student client: We will use your information to communicate with you in respect of advice and guidance.  With consent we will share information with local authorities or public bodies which may assist in resolving issues raised. We will only contact your landlord or additional persons with your permission.



How the information you provide is stored


Accommodation providers: When registering with LSH you will use the Studentpad platform which enables you to access and input information relating to yourself and the accommodation you wish to advertise through LSH. On first registration you will be provided with a username and given the opportunity to create a password. You will have control over the types of communication you wish to receive which is accessible through your Studentpad account, changes can be made by yourself at any stage. Where paper registration documents containing personal information are submitted these will be stored in a locked filing cabinet in a locked store cupboard. Records are retained for a period of 6 years.


Student client: Information from students in relation to advice is collected through an online request form and input onto Advice Pro which is the advice platform. Paper documents submitted by students are scanned and stored on the LSH database, paper documents are then shredded.



Using the LSH website platform to advertise accommodation


Accommodation provider registration: To advertise on the LSH website you are required to register your details and provide information about the accommodation you wish to advertise. In order to proceed you will need to confirm that you agree to the Terms and Conditions of registration. Registered providers will have control of the information they input via the platform through a password account. Only the registered account holder will have access to the password details.


Accommodation providers will be able to create adverts, upload safety certification, update personal information relating to email, telephone and correspondence addresses and to make changes to property adverts. 


Student client advice request: Students are able to advertise vacant accommodation in order to find a replacement or additional tenants. This is facilitated through the ‘Student Message Board’ which is adjudicated for content through LSH. Students are advised not to put personal telephone numbers on this platform.



What is the lawful basis for processing your information?


The data you provide will be used to complete a service you have paid for through LSH as part of a contract to do so. You have control over the information you provide and how LSH use this. You can at any stage withdraw and request your information to be removed.

Information used to abstract statistical information for analysis will be anonymised.



Who will the information be shared with?


The information you provide will only be shared with appropriate data release requests from relevant authorities such as the police. Government departments and local authorities with the regulatory powers are able to request access to personal data without the consent of the data subject for the purposes of:


  • The prevention or detection of crime
  • The apprehension or prosecution of offenders
  • The assessment or collection of tax or duty

How do I access my personal information?


You have the right to access the personal information that is held about you by LSH. Further details are set out on the LSH Data Protection displayed on the webpages at


You also have the right to ask us to correct any inaccurate personal information we hold about you, to delete personal information, or otherwise restrict our processing, or to object to processing or to receive an electronic copy of the personal information you provided to us.


If you have any additional questions about LSH, collection of data, please contact:

Liverpool Student Homes

5 Oxford St


L7 7HL

Tel: 0151 794 3296




How long is my information kept?


The information you have submitted to LSH will be kept for a period of six years.  Information is stored on the University of Liverpool managed network system (MWS) if computer generated or within a locked filing system if information is collected on paper.



How do I complain?


If you are not happy with the way your information is being handled, or with the response received from us, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office at Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, SK9 5AF (