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The consultation process for the introduction of City Wide Selective Licensing Scheme has been launched.  The period of consultation commenced on Monday 24th March 2014 and will run until Monday 16th June 2014.

The proposals will see all rented HMO accommodation fall under the remits of licensing.  In essence all dwellings that you rent (possibly with the exception of 1 & 2 bedroom dwellings) will be subject to the proposed licensing scheme.  There will be cost implications and criteria similar to existing licensing requirements.

This is your opportunity to have your say on the councils proposals and the implications on your business.  We would strongly recommend that you take the time to read the information available on the Liverpool City Council website under Selective Licensing (follow the link shown above).   This will be the area where you will feed your comments and views into the consultation process.

It is imperative that you ensure that you fully understand the possible effects of the proposals and more importantly ensure that you contribute before the final decision.

LSH will feed into the consultation process making reference to the hard work and effort our registered landlords have undertaken to raise the standards in private sector accommodation and improving locations across the city.  We will champion our registered landlords as operatives in the market who have complied with accreditation and standards long before the introduction of City Council schemes.  We will request that any reduction in fees that are proposed for membership of CLASS be extended to our register landlords.

Should selective licensing be introduced it is likely that landlords registered through the CLASS Accreditation Scheme will benefit from a reduction in fees, although this has not been confirmed.  This provides an excellent opportunity for you to utilise the existing arrangements held between LSH and CLASS to have your registered dwellings pass ported on to the CLASS scheme.   Alternatively, there is also a voluntary register which allows you to notify the City Council of the number of dwellings you have within in the rented sector.

Our response to the selective licensing consultation


Following the proposal put forward by Liverpool City Council, we have prepared our response.


LSH response to selective licensing

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