When to start looking for accommodation



Take your time to find the right property



It may seem like a great idea to begin to look as early as October or November for the next academic year, but this can have its pitfalls, such as changing your mind about who you want to live with or finding a more suitable property. Remember, once you sign a tenancy agreement it is legally binding, so you cannot cancel it.


When you're ready to start your search and sure about who you want to live with, take your time to do plenty of property viewings so that you can compare properties and get a good deal. You may feel pressured by friends or by landlords/agents to sign early, especially if everyone is talking about booking, however, it's important that you take time to think through your options and make the right decision for you.  LSH are here to support you, so if you need advice about renting private student accommodation, please get in touch


LSH advertise properties for the following academic year on 1st December each year, and we usually have housing fairs around this time too.


If you find a property and have been offered a tenancy agreement (contract) you can use our free contract checking service. We will explain anything that you don't understand and point out any unfair terms.



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