When to start looking for accommodation



There's no need to rush!


In Liverpool there is always plenty of private student accommodation available all year round, so there's lots to choose from and you can take your time to consider your options.


It may seem like a great idea to begin to look as early as October or November for the next academic year, but this can have its pitfalls! LSH are here to support you, so if you need advice about renting private student accommodation, please get in touch.


LSH release property adverts at the start of December each year, for the next academic year and we usually have housing fairs around this time too.


AIthough we strongly advise you to wait, if you do decide that you wish to go ahead and sign a contract before December, then we would encourage you to use our free contract checking service.


Click the thumbnails below to view our accommodation journey and key 'Chill like a Sloth' messages about why not to rush, that you can also download and save.





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