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The official university service for private accommodation
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THERE'S NO NEED TO RUSH!                   Download a pdf of the housing journey


In Liverpool there is a surplus of private student accommodation which means there is plenty for you to choose from. It may seem like a great idea to begin to look as early as October for the next academic year, but this can have its pitfalls! Especially during the current pandemic, there is a great deal of uncertainty and thus we urge you even more than normal to take your time and not rush into making any decisions about your next accommodation. There is plenty available and you can afford to take your time to look and consider you options and the situation at the time.




It's important that you take time to get to know your friends before you decide you want to live with them, as once a tenancy agreement is signed for a property, it's not easy to get out of if you change your mind later in the year.


LSH release property adverts at the start of December each year, for the next academic year and we have housing fairs around this time too. Details of the forthcoming housing fairs will be published on our Facebook and Twitter accounts each September.




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